Political Opposition concerned about “special” treatment for seized fuel boat

The political opposition noted that it is concerned with the boat recently held with smuggled fuel.

The Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is reported in the press as saying that the boat contains smuggled fuel and a fine of $36M will be imposed.

The party noted that this seems to be the only sanction which will be imposed on this vessel and its owners, “we are aware that the law provides that in such a circumstance, the boat is liable for forfeiture, the owners are liable to a fine of treble the value of the amount of taxevaded, as well as being liable for criminal charges,” the party said. 

The PPP is of the opinion that this case is being handled differently because the vessel is owned by several persons who are deeply connected to the Coalition Government, “our sources say that the Commissioner General received direction from the Ministry of the Presidency, in this matter and the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) isdeliberately being kept away from the investigations. The GEA would normally institute several criminal charges in such situation,” the party noted.

“We are further informed that a top official at Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), who holds a fuel import licence, rents thislicence to fuel smugglers for millions of dollars per trip, to give them legal cover. This fuel smuggling ring is huge and it defrauds the state of hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue per month. Yet, SARA, SOCU, the DPP and the Commissioner of Police turn a blind eye to these activities.
This is so because Ministers of the Coalition Government get kickbacks from every trip,” the PPP claims.
The PPP calls upon the Auditor General to launch an investigation into this matter and we call upon the international community to note the level of corruption which permeates this Administration.

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