PPP concerned about questioning by RO


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has noted the ‘spins’ emanating from the Alliance For Change (AFC), in a statement released earlier today (September 26, 2018), regarding the moves by several persons to have their names, which were included on the AFC List of Nominators (backers list) fraudulently, removed.

The AFC, interestingly enough, has accused the PPP of intimidating local government candidates into removing their names from the AFC lists. However, the facts are a matter of public record, including reports by the local media corps over the past two weeks, which speak to persons being ‘tricked’ and ‘pressured’ into signing AFC List of Nominators.

Presently, in Region 6, at the Whim/ Bloomfield Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), where Mavis Nagamootoo, the sister-in-law of AFC Executive and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, is the Leader of the List, a total of 51 persons have submitted sworn affidavits to have their names removed.

Despite the fact that the 51 persons are in possession of sworn affidavits, some of them are being subjected to a confrontation with Mavis Nagamootoo, by the Returning Officer (RO) to have their names removed from the AFC List of Nominators. The persons are afraid of confrontation due to their worries that the Prime Minister’s office will be used by his sister-in-law to target them and take away benefits that they currently access, such as pension and public assistance.

Some of the 51 persons are also being subjected to questioning by the Returning Officer, an act that can be described as intimidation, given the line of questioning. The 51 persons have been made to answer questions such as: “Which political party do you support?”, “Why did you not object to your name being included on the AFC list earlier?”. The PPP is of the view that the 51 persons with their sworn affidavits should not be subjected to such treatment.

The PPP and its General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo, for the past two weeks have spoken out about acts by the AFC, as well as the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), which are tantamount to electoral fraud.

The Party rejects the unsubstantiated claims being made by the AFC. The PPP has been involved in a process of documenting the acts of electoral fraud committed by both AFC and APNU and will be pursuing the matter with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). The Party doubts that the AFC can do the same, given that their claims are unfounded.

It would appear that the GECOM is complicit in this entire affair. The Party will address this matter further.


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