PPP slams DPP for discontinuing charges against Ministers

The Opposition People’s Progressive Party has stated that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Ali Hack, has buckled under political pressure form the government.

The claims by the PPP came in light of a decision by the DPP to discontinue charges against two senior government officials and likewise to do same for two of its members when requested.

“Failure to do likewise, in relations to similar charges instituted against former Minister Dr. Ashni Singh and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL), Mr. Winston Brassington, is a clear demonstration that the DPP has buckled under pressure,” the party noted.

The party also said that the reasons given by the DPP for the action is “comical”, “the reasons given by the DPP for her latest action is comical at best.”

The party is further contending that the DPP cannot expect Guyanese citizens to believe that her action is responsible for “good governance.” “the DPP expects the Guyanese citizens to believe that she is responsible for “good governance” and that “good governance” constitutes preventing the prosecution of $14M of taxpayers’ money being paid to rent a house monthly, in Albouystown to store drugs and the single-sourcing by a Minister of $605M of taxpayers’ dollars to purchase drugs, without any resort to the Procurement Act.”

The party is rejecting the reason given by the DPP for the decision made and further noted that the office has been compromised of its independence and autonomy.

“There is no doubt that we are rapidly descending into an authoritarian police state, where independent constitutional bodies are being contaminated and pressured by this Government to relinquish their independence and constitutional responsibilities,” the party said via a statement.


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