President acted outside the Law, cannot be trusted- Jagdeo

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, stated that President David Granger, acted in contravention to the Law and cannot be trusted, he made these disclosures during a press conference at his office on Church Street on Wednesday.

The Opposition Leader noted that the President’s entire stance from the beginning pointed to that of a unilateral appointment of a Gecom Chairman when he (Granger) stated that the Leader of the Opposition must submit names of persons who are Judges, former Judges and persons eligible to be Judge, the President also stated that the Opposition Leader must have all the names on the List perfect before he selects one and he will give no reasons for rejecting any.

Mr. Jagdeo noted that the President’s actions were tested in the High Court and that the Hon. Chief Justice ruled against it. He further noted that those persons who claim to have legal knowledge is ignoring the legal rulings of the Chief Justice. The Opposition Leader further castigate the President for shunning the rulings of the Chief Justice.

President Granger had stated that the rulings of the Chief Justice is her own opinion and the he has his own interpretation, “the Chief Justice gave an interpretation based on her perception of the Law and I will continue to act in accordance with my perception of the Constitution; that is to say, I will not appoint somebody who I do not consider fit and proper”.

Mr. Jagdeo noted that the Chief Justice was clear on the Proviso and that the Government is very selective in their public disclosure of the Chief Justice’s ruling.

The Opposition is steadfast in their position that President Granger cannot be trusted, because when he (Jagdeo) pointed out that the President has made up his mind to unilaterally appoint a Chair for Gecom, the idea was shunned by Granger,  calling it ‘non-sense’. Mr. Jagdeo also asserted that the President signaled his intentions to work in a collaborative manner with the Opposition in selecting the Chair, but, this was not done.

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