President defends AG’s behaviour towards Judge


President David Granger believes that Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams’ action before High Court Judge, Franklyn Holder does not warrant an apology.

The President was at the time responding to questions raised by reporters at State House on Wednesday Morning.

According to the President, the Attorney General explained to him what transpired and that if the Judge felt that Mr. Williams actions in the court warranted contempt, then the Judge should have admonished Mr. Williams in the Court. 

He also stated that he does not believe there was anything wrong on the part of Mr. Williams that warranted him to be held in contempt of the court. And as such, there is no justification for a call for an apology by the AG to the Judge.

The President further stated that the explanation given to him by the AG adequately deals with the complaints made against him.

Justice Holder had called for an apology from Mr. Williams in open court. “Mr. Williams’ behaviour was highly contemptuous and deserving of him being cited for contempt in the face of the Court. Instead of doing so, at that moment, I chose to leave the Bench.

“However, it does not mean that Mr. Williams’ behaviour should go unattended. He is not only a Senior Counsel, he is also the Attorney General and leader of the Bar. His behaviour begs the question, whether he is respectful and aware of the functions and duties that attend these offices,” Judge Holder said.

The judge wrote, “I am not prepared to sit to hear Mr Williams as an Attorney-at-Law in any matter whatsoever, unless he makes a genuine and meaningful apology to my satisfaction, in open Court, both to me and to the Members of the Bar, since they too were scandalized by his despicable conduct.”

Williams said “I, in fact, have to write a statement in response to that (Judge Holder’s letter to the Chancellor) and I have three witnesses, statements from the ladies that were a part of the team.

“However, as I said, we can’t allow Nandlall to create this problem, and we leave it unresolved, the Judge and I will resolve the issue.”

Williams blamed his predecessor, Anil Nandlall, for causing the problem in the courtroom.

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