President must be critised- Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Bahrrat Jagdeo said that President Granger enjoys his respect as a Guyanese. This statement came in response to the President’s assertion that Jagdoe does not offer him the cordiality he deserves as president.

In spite of the concerns about the last elections, Jagdeo recognizes Granger as President at this point in time. Jagdeo said that the respect for Granger as the Executive President of Guyana because he is the head of the Cabinet and is responsible for policies. Jagdeo made it clear that only a ceremonial president does not have to report to the electorate and thereby will not be criticized. Jagdeo said that he does not hate the president but as Guyanese they share a lot in common. Guyana’s Executive President has to be responsible for the policies that the government of the day is pursuing. And therefore the deficiencies of the Government must be pointed out.

Jagdeo further debunked the President’s assertion that he is has not closed the doors to discussion on matters, but, the Oppoisition Leader said that that is not the issue but, it is about what has been done to those issues which engaged the President’s attention. Jagdeo said that nothing is being done to better the lives of people who are affected by various issues and therefore the President must be criticized.

Jadeo highlighted some of the issues which were brought to the President’s attention, such as increase in taxes, wasteful spending, unsustainable levels of borrowing which will harm the country in the future among others. He said that these must be critised.



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