Inactive Appellate tribunal revived after 20 years

The Public Service Appellate Tribunal had new life breathe into it today when President David Granger appointed new members to the body which has been inactive for more than 20 years.

Retired Justice of Appeal, Nandram Kissoon will hold the post of Chairman of the tribunal while the other members are Winston Brown and Abagail Wong-Innis. The three members took their oaths at the State House.

Public Service Appellate Tribunal acts as an alternative for public servants, who will now have the opportunity to have their matters heard in a timely manner in front the Tribunal as opposed to the lengthy period they face when going through the courts or those who do not have the financial means to go the court. The Appellate has all the powers of an actual court and members are equivalent to judges. They can summons and examine witness, take statements and call for accounts and books and can administer disciplinary actions when passing judgment.

President David Granger commented that the tribunal was “very powerful” and is essential in the system of public administration. He said it is necessary for professionalism and unfair disciplinary action in the Public service.

“Guyana public service is the muscle of public administration. The public service serves the public good, it ensures the efficiency and ethnicity of the appropriate public services,” President Granger added.

Article 215A of the constitution states that the Public Service Appellate Tribunal is established to hear appeals on any matter in which a public servant feels there has been unfair treatment on a decision taken by their employer. It particular deals with appointment of any person to a public office and the exercise of disciplinary control over any person holding public office.     



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