Ranks speak out on learner/driver corruption claims

A number of ranks attached to the Guyana Police Force Headquarters are questioning the investigations into the alleged corruption claims which have raised it heads following an examination which was written a few weeks ago.

When contacted by Guyana Daily News on Sunday, the ranks said that first and foremost, the scripts which are prepared for members of the public to sit the examination are not being printed by the country’s national printera, but, rather a private individual which make is very possible for “anyone” to get their hands on the question paper which is  distributed to candidates.

Persons who are serving in the traffic department headquarters are now contending that there are moves afoot to rid the department of a particular set of persons and this attempt was snubbed some weeks ago by an Assistant Commissioner, who after examining a list of names, requested to be transferred to the department found that a particular group of persons were being requested.

The request was done as an officer junior to the Assistant Commissioner of Police made the request and used the resuscitation of a particular program which the Traffic Department once had.

Last week, Commissioner acting, David Ramnarine, said that he took a decision to removed three subordinate officers from the Traffic Office to facilitate the probed and vowed to move others as the probe continue.

He also admitted that even before the probe was completed he removed the ranks as he thought it to be best.

The police issued a release two weeks ago pertaining to the alleged corruption of the process in which they said that a subordinate officer who was supposed to supervise the examination left the classroom in breach of the SOP governing the exams.

What the police did not say, is that the very officer was called away from the examination room by the Traffic Officer, who kept him in his office all day to work on a document which he said that was to be sent to the Commissioner of Police acting the following day.

As a consequence of being called away, the examination supervision was left to three constables and two pastors.

It was the pastors who brought it to the attention to the force’s administration that the number of scripts submitted at the end of the examination were greater than the number of persons who actually showed up to write the test.

In the past, the force has been called upon to beef up its supervision of the process, as it is believed that many of the accidents and road carnage had to do with persons who are not fit and proper to carry licenses were being issued with same.

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