Recommendations of CoI into mysterious aircraft discovery implemented

Briefing the media about the recent discovery of an Aircraft in the Rupununi area, Minister of State Joseph Harmon said that the construction of a makeshift airstrip in that area is very easy given the fact that the area is flat and the soil contents provides for such activity. He also noted that the construction of airstrips can be done in a relatively short time. Minster Harmon was speaking at his post weekly Cabinet Press Briefing on Friday.

The Minister noted that based on the last Commission of Inquiry that was held into the discovery of an aircraft in the same area, several recommendations were put in place, however, this was inadequate to detect an airstrip was being constructed and the possibility of flights being done.

The Minister noted that there were three groups of recommendations, immediate, short and long term recommendations. He further noted that the Government implemented the immediate recommendations.

Minister Harmon noted that as part of the strategy implemented, the level of the command of the police was increased, reactivation of the Regional Intelligence Community, which is made up of the Police, Army, RDC, Toshaos and other Government officers who would share on a weekly basis information that will eventually reached the National Security Committee.

Mr. Harmon further stated that a system of regular patrolling in the Region was implemented using either vehicles or horses.

The Minister went on to share some of the long term plans coming out of the COI, such as, covering the area using drones, and fixed wings aircraft on a regular basis in an attempt to understand what is happening in the area.

A Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft bearing registration plate PR-IMG was discovered last Sunday near Santa Fe in the North Rupununi on a recently cleared illegal runway.

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