sections of the Stabroek Market continue to deteriorate


Many vendors of the Stabroek Market are calling for Government’s intervention to remedy the current conditions under which they are forced to ply their daily trade.

Guyana Daily News spoke to Mala Rampersaud, who operates a stall at the back of the Stabroek Market. She said her stall was broken into twice this year.

In addition to that, the woman said they are faced with the ravages of the sea every time the tide is high. “When the tide high yuh can’t work or you got to pay a junkie to carry yuh goods to the front,” the vendor added.

The woman said that two weeks ago a part of the roof at the back of the market caved in during the rain. Rampersaud said she has been plying her trade for the past 23 years and complaining to the market clerk is of no use.

Meanwhile, Guyana Daily News spoke with Faizul Hamid, a fish vendor who plies his trade at the Stabroek Market fish section.

He said, “We have one pipe and it deh till by the toilet. You got to fetch water from till there, plus yuh paying a rent and nobody don’t clean here. This whole market falling apart. Dem breaking yuh stall; is like yuh putting cat to watch milk and nobody can’t talk. The market clerk he self saying who ain’t like it, move.”

A source from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure told Guyana Daily News that rehabilitation works on the Stabroek Market wharf should have started but the ministry cannot move forward if the vendors are still there.

According to the source, the relocating of the vendors is the responsibility of the Mayor and City Councillors (M&CC) and not the MPI.

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