Signing bonus transferred to foreign bank accounts

After assurance by Minister of State Joseph Harmon that the US$18 million which was received by the government secretly from oil giant ExxonMobil as a signing bonus, will be deposited into the consolidated fund, Finance Minister Winston Jordan, on Firday said that the monies are now in an account in a bank in Canada and US, earning interest. The monies was initially deposited into a bank of Guyana account and not the Consolidated fund on the behest of the Government of Guyana.

The Minister noted that “If it stays here, it will sit down doing nothing. It can’t earn interest if it stays here so it’s in matured US treasury bills, Canada bonds.”

The Minister noted that should the Ministry of Finance requires the monies to make payments in the ongoing matter at the ICJ, then the Ministry will go to the National Assembly and for a supplementary budget.

He stated that there is no secret regarding the monies, even though both Finance and Natural Resources Ministers denied ever receiving any such monies.

Jordan noted that the monies received an interest of US$36,169 since it was deposited.

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