Skull City murder accused likely to know faith tomorrow

On Friday, the High Court is expected to rule in the 2014 murder of a 39-year-old miner, Sunil Ramsundar.

On Tuesday, the prosecution and defence closed their cases before Justice Sandil Kissoon and a twelve member jury. The duo, Vishawantie Ragnauth and Nyron Thakurdyal, were called to lead their defences, they proclaimed innocence. Representing them is Attorney-at-law, Nigel Hughes.

A police report at the time indicated that Sunil Ramsundar was killed allegedly by the duo for settling a dispute between Ramsundar’s sister, niece and the niece’s husband at Skull City, Patentia, West Bank Demerara. The incident took place on December 26, 2014.

Allegations were that Ramsundar’s sister was being assaulted repeatedly by Vishawantie Ragnauth and Nyron Thakurdyal. Ramsundar allegedly intervened. He asked her why she was crying and apparently learnt of an assault, approached Ragnauth for an explanation. An argument ensued and Ramsundar was allegedly stabbed about his body.

He fell to the ground and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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