Surinamese authorities call off search for missing fishermen

With Little or no hope of finding survivors for those still missing at seas, Suriname authorities have reportedly called off the search for the 16 Guyanese fishermen who have been missing at sea since last weekend.

Sources in Suriname who spoke with the Daily News confirmed this latest development. This is even as local authorities here in Guyana are still fighting to gather information on what has happened in the Dutch Speaking nation.

Between Friday night and Saturday morning, twenty two Guyanese men were attacked at seas by pirates. Sources within the country have indicated that out of the six men who were rescued, some of them have contended that they were attacked by Guyanese national who were carrying piracy activities on the high seas.

With the decision by the Suriname authorities to call off the search, for the missing fishermen, relatives of the dead men are set to be mobilizing to head out to sea and continue the search on their own.
It is unclear if the coordinates where the men were attacked, were recorded.

If that was done, it would have been easier for the men who are missing to be located as a point of search would have been established by authorities.

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