Traffic Advisory

The Guyana Police Force is informing the general public that in order to facilitate this year’s Independence Parade and Flag Raising Ceremony at the Jubilee Park, the following roads will be closed to vehicular traffic from 17:30h. on Thursday May 25, 2017.

  1. Regent and Vlissengen Road (No entry South)
  2. South Road and Oronoque Street (No entry East)
  3. South Road and New Garden Street (No entry South)
  4. Brickdam and Old College Road (No entry East)
  5. Homestretch and Mandela Avenue (No entry West)
  6. Hadfield and Chappel Streets (No entry East)
  7. Hadfield and John Streets (No entry West)
  8. Hadfield and Haley Streets (No entry East)
  9. Hadfield and Old College Road (No entry East)
  10. Hadfield and Hardina Streets (No entry North)
  11. Haley and Bent Streets (No entry North)

Parade assembles at Homestretch Avenue at 18:00h. Persons working or going to NCN are advised to use the Homestretch and Mandela End.


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