Update: Hospital staff murderd in latest domestic row.

A woman, who on several occasion suffered silent abuse at the hands of her reputed husband, was this morning murdered by her abuser at his Wales, West Bank Demerara home.

The killing took place sometime around 03:00hrs. Wednesday morning during a heated argument the two were having, which caused neighbors to be awaken from their slumber.

Guyana Daily News understands that Nigel Glasgow and the woman whose name was given as “Diana” were seen earlier on Tuesday evening going into his one bedroom shack. No one could immediately say what caused the misunderstanding between the two that escalated so quickly and becoming deadly.

We are told that in addition to killing the woman by hanging her in the house with a sling, the man also killed three dogs which he owned.

Persons are suggesting that the act might have been premediated as the suspect removed a number of poultry from his premises a few days ago and took them to another location.

It is being reported also that the woman who is employed at a city hospital, was asked by the man to leave the relation but she refused. This is after constant issues they were having after four years together. When this outfit visited the location, blood stains were in the room on a mattress the coupled reportedly shared.

Sources are contending that the man attempted to kill himself after killing the woman. The attempt on his own life was reportedly made when he tried to slit his own throat and also ingesting a suspected poisonous substance.

He is also accused of attempting to torch the home of a resident in the community that he accused of having secrets for the now dead woman but refused to share same with him. Nigel Glasgow was described as a very humbled and quiet person who residents said would hardly speak.

He is presently hospitalized at a state hospital where he is being monitored under guard.

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