Varswyck was at Lindo Creek- Hughes

Attorney-at-law, Nigel Hughes yesterday took to the stand and testified before the Commission of Inquiry into the Lindo Creek massacre.

He informed that former prison escapee, Urie Varswyck was at Lindo Creek back in June 2008 around the same time when the massacre took place, Hughes did not disclose the source of his information.

The Attorney noted that the wanted criminal was part of a police squad that went into Lindo Creek, the Attorney noted that Varswyck was under the command of a serving member of the GPF, “he was part of the squad that went in. Mr. Varswyck was police and he was under the command of a current serving member of the Guyana Police Force that went into Lindo Creek, that is the information that I have been permitted to release from a client.”

Hughes noted that he cannot disclose the the name of the individual who gave him the information because the person can turn up dead and that he dosen’t want another death on his shoulder. “If that person passes away, it would be on my shoulders and I really am not in a position to provide him with the comfort that I can provide him with that guarantee. I have actually had a whistleblower taken to the police who ended up dead, that was George Bacchus, so I am extremely reluctant to disclose any information on anybody that can identify a serving member of the Police Force given my actual experience, because I took Mr. Bacchus to the American embassy, I then took him to the Guyana Police Force and Mr. Bacchus ended up dead”

Varswyck was known for his criminal record, he was an inmate at the Georgetown Prison, but escaped when the prison was burnt to the ground last year. He was subsequently shot and killed by police.

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