Venezuela flexing military muscle at border, Greenidge not too bothered

Venezuela is currently conducting military exercises close to the border with Guyana, however, Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, says he is not too bothered by those actions from the Venezuelan Military.
According to a report, the Foreing Affairs Minister said, while our neighbours have the right to military exercises, Guyana has the right to ensure they do not infringe on Guyana’s soverignty.

Venezuela ever since laying claims to Guyana has been deploying military forces cold to the border.

“They have a right to carry out their military exercises. We, of course, have a right to monitor and make sure that they do not infringe on our territorial integrit”, Greenidge said.

The Foreign Minister is noting howeevr, that Venezuela has no intention on disregarding the rules and that Guyana’s military presence has noting to do with the current ongoing matter at the ICJ.

“The people living on the border areas, have been alerted by the Guyanese authorities, not because of what is happening in the courts, but because of the political crisis in Venezuela. That political crisis started before the court matter and will continue perhaps after” he said.



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