Venezuela: President Maduro Flexes Military Muscle in Drills

“We are going to invest more in anti-aircraft defense, to make all regions of the country impregnable,” President Nicolas Maduro posted on Twitter.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has appeared to flex his military muscle by publicly reiterating that the nation possesses a defense strategy capable of combating any threat and will be refining its execution in this weekend’s civic-military exercises.

Cooperation agreements have been put in place with China, Iran, Belarus, Turkey and soon India to test new weapons technologies in order to protect Venezuela’s peace, stability and sovereignty, Maduro said.

The president also announced that he had approved new funds to bolster defense and transportation in Venezuela’s armed forces, due for use during the April 22 presidential elections and to be paid in new national cryptocurrency, the Petro.

“We are going to invest more in anti-aircraft defense, to make all regions of the country impregnable,” Maduro posted on Twitter.

Announcing the drills earlier this month, Maduro said they were intended to fine-tune the movements of the armed forces’ tanks, missiles and helicopters as part of the nation’s defense strategy.

Posting on Twitter at the time, Maduro also said the nation would reject any “foreignimperial boot” attempting to invade Venezuelan territory. “If we want peace, we must prepare to win it,” said the president. (

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