‘We are better together’- APNU

Mere hours after the AFC indicated that they may go the upcoming Local Government elections alone, the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), noted, “that its partners are ‘better together’ than apart and is committed to cooperating for the common good.”

The APNU in a statement noted that the coalition was established six and a half years ago, not as a temporary electoral expedient, but on the basis of an enduring political principle.

The party further noted that at meetings of the Executive Council of APNU held in September 2017 and January 2018, all five parties that make up the Partnership, the Guyana Action Party (GAP); the Justice for All Party (JFAP); the National Front Alliance (NFA); the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR); and the Working Peoples Alliance (WPA) reaffirmed their commitment to competing in the forthcoming local government elections as a united team.

APNU protested, and struggled for the return of these elections to enable people in their communities to democratically elect their representatives. APNU believes that Local Government Elections are an important platform and a Constitutional right, the APNU noted.

APNU Partners have already started to plan collectively for the local government elections campaign, the statement read.

The AFC leader had noted during a press conference yesterday that “There is a strong body of opinion within the party that we should go it alone or there is another view that we should seek to enter into a new accord for Local Government, because the existing Accord was just for National and General elections 2015,”

The AFC is calling for a revision of the Cummings Burg Accord before February 14, 2018, but Leader of the PNC and President, David Granger, noted that the accord cannot be revisited until after February 14, when the current agreement would have expired.

The AFC has come in for sharp criticism from a wide cross section of Guyanese both local and in the diaspora for the soft stance they adopt in the Gecom matter, the closure of the sugar estates, among others, some political commentators even described the AFC as a “toothless poodle” in the Coalition Government.

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