Woman allegedly raped by bus driver

Story of a woman allegedly raped by bus driver.

“I wanna share something with u guys, on the 24th June, 2018 I got off from work at 10pm, I caught a bus to go home the driver picked me up from princess n 2 other girls from red road n didn’t pick up anyone else, the 2 girls stopped off at diamond car park I was the only one left in the bus before he drove off from the car park I told him I’m coming off tank st, he said ok, couple streets into grove he slowed down turned down his music n asked tank st for you? I said yes.

Now, I down my head for 2 mins when I looked up back he was going with full speed and the music louder already passed my stop, I called and called and called for him he ignored me like 5 times, then he slowed down turned down the music and asked if I’m sure I said tank street, that he heard friendship then he turned and said that I need to get a Timehri bus to go back so I was like why do I need a Timehri bus?

Just turn around or stop lemmi get another bus, he turned the music back up n kept speeding so I started hitting the bus he didn’t stop until he reached at the bypass at gtt at New hope that’s when he turned in turned off the engine and started climbing backwards towards me asking if I’m sure I said tank st,I said yes but he still kept coming so I screamed n asked what he was doing? He didn’t ans he kept coming when he reached to me I was about to scream again when he raised his fist as a warning then he told me to take off my clothes so I did n then he raped me. After he was finish he started getting rid of evidence n started saying know what I’m doing.

Then he started asking questions. If I’m married stuff like that then he made me get in the front seat n dropped me to my street….. I didn’t get the license plate all I got was inside the bus the wind shield had ‘Money Train’ I don’t need your pity I will not answer any questions unless you wanna ask how I’m doing. I just want you guys to acknowledge that there’s a psycho out there n u guys need to be careful.”

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