Woman in urgent need of donations to undergo cancer treatment in US

Guytrie age 53 years is currenlty seeking asssitance to undergo cancer treatment in the US. She is in need of urgent medical attention to save her life otherwise her prognosis is very poor.

According to her children, Stephnie and Stacy, their mom worked at a beauty parlour for over thirty two (32) years. She has gone to work, day in day out to help provide for her family. She has known deprivations but never complained, the noted.

Recently she started to experience excruciating pain in her abdomen, forcing her to stay away from work for the first time. The doctors in Guyana told her it was ‘gas’ and later Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). The treatment provided made little difference. The pain did not subside; she lost weight and constantly vomited, they said.

She was finally able to come to the USA on August  17th where, after consulting with doctors and spending (2) two weeks in the hospital, she was given the bad news which the biopsy and other scans confirmed – Advanced Gallbladder Cancer.

Very promising and successful treatment plans are available but they are pretty expensive. Our mom does not have medical insurance or the financial means to afford these treatments. We’re hoping, with your generosity, to be able to access these treatment regimens that offer her the best chances for her healing, they further noted.

The children noted that with generous donations, it will help Guytrie with her medical expenses, specialty foods (to prevent further weight loss) and medicines.

Please donate whatever you can afford, however small it may be. Even if you can’t donate, please keep her in your prayers and share this page on your social media account.

Our mom’s situation is desperate. Please help. Thank you in advance and May God bless you and your families!

Story can be found at; https://www.gofundme.com/vaukd-please-help-us-save-our-mom

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