15-y-o said “Fine man” gang killed Lindo Creek miners

Dwayne Williams, who was at the time 15 years old when the Lindo Creek massacre took place said that he was part of the “fine man” gang that killed the eight miners at Lindo Creek. Williams is currently on remand for the Bartica Massacre. He was arrested in 2008 at Ituni after he was separated from the gang.

The man through Superintendent of Police, Trevor Reid, and who was head of Major Crimes at the time, told the COI on Tuesday, that the gang after confronting the police, came into to contact with the eight miners at their camp a couple of days later. The man noted that they crossed the river and they walked for a day when they came into to contact with the camp. He further related that they held the miners up and Cecil Ramcharran “Magic” tied them up. He also said that they cooked chowmein and camped out at the camp the entire night. He also related that they spent some two nights there, when about 12:00 midnight on the final night he heard gunshots, he said that when he looked he saw the miners were all shot, He further related that, “Magic” lit the eight men on fire.

Reid said the he believes a proper investigation into the murder was not done and that the story of Williams differs from that of media reports where it was reported that the Joint Service members mistook the miners for bandits and killed them.

Visits are expected sometime in the Lindo Creek area on Friday. Next week will be the last set of public hearings. Internal work will then be done to compile the report.

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