AFC leading in Coalition- Ramjattan

Alliance for Change Khemraj Ramjattan on Friday said that the AFC is calling the shots in the Coalition Government. He made this disclosure during a press conference at the party’s office.

He however noted that all the bills which were tabled in the National Assembly was as a joint effort between the AFC and APNU. He claimed that the party has done many things for the country so far, such as reduction in the tolls at the Berbice Bridge, setting up strategy to tackle piracy in the high seas, this was a joint effort between the President and himself, The President knows a “thing or two about security,” Ramjattan said.

Ramjattan further informed that his party has been in lead in the telecommunications sector, infrastructure development and security. There has not been a polarization in the coalition party, Ramjattan posited and that the two are working collectively in all aspects of development.

He further quipped that persons should not run away with the idea that there are things that the AFC had asked for and didn’t get, “we do a lot of the leading in this coalition” because the Minister are the ones who take charge in their portfolio.

Ramjattan who head the Ministry of Public Security, said that when they went into the Coalition party, they set up a campaign promise and they are working to fulfill those promises.

The party made a publication on the DPI’s website of 200 achievements since they are in government.


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