Attorney apologises for using explicitives to traffic cop, wants government to address important issues in Guyana

An Attorney-at-law who is the subject of a hot debate has apologized for his actions of abusing a police officer, but said he is not apologizing for questioning any arbitrary authority.

He noted that on September 13th, he was singled out from a line of vehicles traveling about 25km by a police officer who was standing on the opposite carriage way along the vicinity of Mahaicony public road with two others.

He further noted that after complying with the officer to stop, he was ordered to the side of the road where he waited.

He also said that at all times my two front glasses were down. After waiting for a while and not given any explanation or reason for the stop, he became angry for the detention.

He further said that his frustration led him to use many colorful expletives to get my point across to the officer for the illegal stop, there were things said prior to the filming.

Crawford said that as a practicing attorney in both the civil and criminal courts, he has seen and heard of the plight of citizens of the country at the hands of some in the police force and that his frustration has been brewing for a while. He said he is still dealing with matters started 18 years ago by my then father Senior Counsel Marcel Crawford in the court. There are so many more important issues in this country that are not being addressed by this government, he noted.

He noted that he is not trying to justify his behavior, and that his language was not proper as an officer of the courts nor as a member of the Bar of Guyana. “I apologise for my language, but I’m not sorry for any arbitrary authority.”

To my family (my children who are upset with me), my secretaries, friends and colleagues of the Bar, I am sorry for my language on that video. However, I remain defiant to any injustice especially what is happening with police brutality in the USA, he noted

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