Bandits robbed re-migrant twice in one week

On the evening of the 9th of April, 2018, a re-migrant of Third Street, Mon Repos, North, was beaten and robbed by two armed men who stormed his home.

According to information reaching the Guyana Daily News, the re-migrant and another individual was asleep in the two storey building. One of the men was sleeping by the door when he was awaken by the two armed men, who were all dressed in police uniform.

Information suggests that the man who was asleep by the door, heard the two individuals outside and decided to open the door, he was then asked of the whereabouts of the owner, upon which he responded that he was asleep in the bed room. It was also revealed that the man then went to inform the owner that two men were there to see him, the bandits then made their way behind the man. Both men were tied up and beaten, the owner was gun butted to the head, he received several stitches at a hospital.

The men then requested money and other valuables, not satisfying with what they got, information suggests that the bandits then decided to set the house on fire with both men inside. It was then that owner was able to break free and screamed for help, the two bandits then made good their escape in a waiting motor vehicle. Guyana Daily News was also told that the man was robbed the day before of house hold furnishings.

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