Gov. says it will not intervene in Parking Meter issue unless asked to do so

The government has not made a statement with respect to paid parking and that was a sole decision of City Hall. According to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, the government indicated that there is need for order in the city and this was the plan City Hall came up with. Harmon was at the time speaking to the media during a press conference at the Ministry of the Presidency on Thursday. Harmon further stated that government will not intervene in the parking meter issue, unless it is required to do so.

The Minister further noted that later in the year, citizens will have a say as to whether the Mayor, Patricia Chase-Greene and her councilors have been performing  as the way they should in the interest of the people. This will be done by way of voting at the upcoming local government elections.

On Wednesday, the councilors voted in favor of returning paid parking to the city after it was suspended by the Government. The Parking Meter contract is currently before the Court, a judgment is yet to be made.

The Movement Against Parking Meter in Georgetown has vowed to return to the streets in massive protest if the current deal with Smart City Solution exist, the group noted that the way in which the contract was entered into reeks of corruption and it was too burdensome on citizens.

The new rates for paid parking are $150 per hour or $800 for eight hours, this will be an additional $20,000 of expense for a working person and $40,000 if two persons drive from one home.

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