Government blames PPP for losing court cases.

The Government is currently throwing the blame at the feet of its predecessor, the PPP, for losing cases in court and having to make out of court settlement in a number of cases.

Recenlty, the Government made another out of court settlement with Guytract for some $226 million. The country’s Attorney General, Basil Williams noted that it was in the best interest to do an out of court settlement and therefore, the country saved millions in tax payers’ dollars. Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Friday noted that, the matters which were settled are as a result of rulings by the court and that his government has respected the rulings of the court.

The Minister is of the opinion that the root cause of the problems started with their predecessor, he also quipped that former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall had failed miserably to prosecute the matters that are before the courts, “it all falls back into his lap,” Harmon said.

He further noted that in due time when the Attorney General makes a pronouncement on the matters the government lost since taking up office, the country will realize the situation which it inherited.

The Government is doing its best to keep the country on a level “keel” and three years on, every day the government is faced with a new challenge that was left by the previous government, the Minister noted.


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