Linden police probing Murder as rivals’ face-off’

 Taxi driver Claude DeJonge, called ‘Sanno’, of South Amelia’s Ward, Linden, was killed last night by a man. The alleged perpretrator and the dead man’s wife had a relationship which recently ended.

According to what Guyana Daily News was told, Claude, a 40 year old Taxi Driver, was killed just after midnight on Wednesday by Corwyn Arthur, a 34 year old man.

Arthur walked in on him and the woman that he, Claude, has been sharing a relationship with for a number of months now.

 Investigations revealed that the woman had a secrete relationship with Arthur while was still having a relationship with Claude.

The secrete relationship between the woman and Arthur ended but he nevertheless continued visiting the home under the guise of being a family friend.

 On Wednesday night, he showed up at the house and saw Claude and became enraged. However Claude, not wanting to start any confrontation, called the police.

Arthur left before the police arrived but began texting Claude and told him that he will make his life a living hell for calling the police on him.

 Last night Arthur visited the home and saw Claude there. Claude asked him to leave but he became annoyed.

 Later on, the deceased was sleeping with his reputed wife when the suspect gained entry through an open window entering the bedroom and confronted the deceased on his bed.

The deceased and him got into a scramble and the suspect dealt him three stab wounds with a knife before fleeing.

Investigations are ongoing.

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