Lindo Creek findings were predicted- PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has expressed no confidence in the establishment of a Commission to inquire into the Lindo Creek killings.

According to the main opposition the commission was established with a preconceived intention of holding the Joint Services liable and to exonerate the notorious killer, Rondell Rawlins also known as “Fine Man” and his murderous gang.

The party pointed out that a close relative of a leading member of the Coalition Government was appointed as the lone Commissioner to bring home this finding.

The party further said that nearly a year later and after the expenditure of unknown millions of taxpayers’ dollars, we have been vindicated.

Certain PNC leaders’ close affiliation with criminals, criminal gangs and their posture against the law enforcement agencies are well documented and have a long history. The draping of our national flag on the coffin of the notorious criminal Blackie London and marching with his corpse along the streets of Georgetown; the nocturnal visits of many leaders of that party, including, a close relative of the lone Commissioner, in south Buxton to liaise with criminal gangs hiding out in “the gulf”; the labelling of the 2001 jailbreak escapees, who terrorized law abiding citizens for years, as “freedom fighters”; their mass street protests against segments of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), who bravely took on the bandits; the continuous pardoning of convicted criminals by President Granger – are all irrefutable evidence of where they stand on this issue, the party said.

The party said it emphatically reject the findings of the Donald Trotman Commission of Inquiry, we are not surprised by it. And that it was predicted.

However, it is a real tragedy when a Government can travel to such extent to protect criminals and tarnish our law enforcement officers, who risk their lives every day to protect the law abiding citizens of this land, the PPP said.


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