MAPM may contest Local Government elections in 2018

The Movement against Parking Meter (MAPM) has stated that it has not turned into a political body as is begin suggested by some sections of the society.

However, Don Singh, one of the organisers of protest actions against the current parking meter project, told Guyana Daily News that there talks among its top brass to contest the upcoming Local Government Elections later this year. Singh noted that he will be running for Constituency one regardless if the body decides to form itself into a group to contest the elections. Singh stressed that the group remains apolitical.

On Thursday, MAPM organized another protest in front of City Hall calling for the Parking Meter project to be scraped. However, only a handful of persons turned out to join the protest actions, they were mostly from the top echelon of MAPM.

In spite of this, the organisers noted that persons will join the protest actions in the future as the Parking Meter becomes a reality once again, persons will take to the streets.




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