More charges for Government Ministers- Nandlall

PPP MP, Anil Nandlall stated on Thursday, that more charges are likely to be instituted against government Ministers who are found to be engaged in malfeasance.

Nandlall noted that over the last 3 years, he have been calling on the Guyana Police Force, the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), and the State Asset Recovery Agency (SARA), to investigate the massive incidence of corruption taking place at the level of the Government. He said that his call along with many other PPP members have fallen on deaf ears.

The attorney noted that the level of corruption has reached such proportions that the latest report from the United States State Department identifies corruption in Government as one of the major sources of money-laundering in Guyana.

After our calls to the Guyana Police Force, SOCU and SARA yielded no response coupled with the institution of specious and vexatious charges against, Dr. Ashni Singh, Former Minister of Finance, and Mr. Winston Brassington, the Former Chief Officer of NICIL, the PPP decided to take the bull by the horns and replicate in the criminal jurisdiction of the Courts that which we are doing in its civil jurisdiction, he said.

He said that the offence charged in each case is the identical offence for which Ashni Singh and Winston Brassington were charged: Misconduct in Public Office, contrary to common law, is similar to that which has been instituted against the two Ministers.

Nandlall said that there are many more who will join the prosecutorial team in due course. The Learned Magistrate, after examining the charges, issued a Summons to secure the attendance of the accused persons before the Court on the 24th day of April, 2018. “As I write, arrangements are being made to serve the Summonses and charges upon the Accused Persons.”

The attorney also noted that he has not received a response from the Director of Public Prosecutions to review the charges filed against Dr. Singh and Mr. Brassington, “to date, I have received no response. I predicated my request upon the grounds that those charges are baseless; the particulars of the offence in those charges do not disclose an offence known to law and certainly not the offence stated on the Information Upon Oath.” He further noted that he has no doubt that a similar request will be made of the DPP Office by the Government. I do not wish to speculate about the response. “However, whatever it is, it will certainly test the independence of that office,” he said. (Photo: A. Nandlall)

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