Police arrest seven in pirate attack

The police in Suriname have arrested a total of seven persons in relation to the gruesome pirate attack that left a fishing crew of 20 suffering. The men who were in four boats, were beaten, killed as was recounted by one of the survivor, thrown overboard and left to die, some were even anchored with batteries, reports suggest.

The attack may have stemmed from a feud, whereby, it is alleged that the mastermind of the attack “Sinbad’s” brother, Somnauth Manohar was killed some time last year in Suriname. It is suggested that the fishermen may have been involved in the death of Somnauth Manohar, As a result “Sinbad” and his crew armed themselves with weapons and ventured into the highseas and commit the atrocity. Arrested in Guyana is Nankool Manohar, brother of Somnauth Manohar among others.

But according to reports out of Niew Amsterdam, Parimaribo, the pirates continuously wreak havoc in the high sea since 2000. One of the survivor recounted his ordeal, that the men came only to “kill”.

Guyana Daily News reported on Thursday from Action Niews, Suriname, that there was another attack on Wednesday night, leaving the boat Capitan dead and his crew of 6 missing.

Those persons still to be accounted for are Tilaknauth Mohabir, Ralph Anthony Couchman, Ramesh Sanchar, Rajkumar Bissessar, Bobby Ibbrahim, Ramnarine Singh, Bharrat Heralall, Olenski Maxwell, Randy Burnette, Glenroy Jones, Ganesh Beharry, and Sunil,

(Pictures of one of the alleged pirate arrested, Troy Asram)



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