Police arrests suspect in Piracy attack

( Story by: Gail Eijk) A New Amsterdam man fishermen was detained and handed over to the police. The local fishermen are convinced that man arrested is involved in the brutal robberies at sea where 16 fishermen went missing. In the meantime, some bodies have already been found. The fact that another robbery took place last night on a boat where the captain was murdered has caused evil blood.

“He’s a killer and a murderah!” the fishermen are convinced.
“He is known as a tyrant and has been saying to them as since 2000 he has been raiding the sea,” they chanted.
When they were ask how they’re so sure he’s involved in the recent robberies, they indicate that he was on the “wanted captain” boat. However, it is not clear who is the  “wanted captain.”

One of the fishermen pulls up his shirt and shows the scars he got from kapverwondingen that the same suspect inflicted him years ago. The man was handed over to the police.

Meanwhile, it is already known that one of the missing fishermen survived. He was fished by another boat, the man has already arrived in Paramaribo and took an ambulance to the hospital.

The victim has indicated five days of walking through the swamp looking for help and arrived at 10:00 a.m. this morning. The man who has injuries to his body was discovered by fishermen who were in the area. They offered help and contacted the maritime police. The victim has been picked up by the police and transferred to Leonsberg where he has been transported to an emergency hospital for medical assistance per summoned ambulance.

(Picture showing survivor and area where the prisoner was being kept)

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