Police secure detailed confession for Berbice robbery/Murder

Two teenage employees of the of the Sukhram’s General Story located at Rose Hall Town, Corentyne Berbice, will soon be heading to court for the murder of security guard, 53 year old Munisperen Iyasammy Monien.

The two were picked up on Sunday last, hours are the store they worked at was discovered burglarized and the security guard murdered.

On Wednesday afternoon, they confessed to the police that they plotted and executed the robbery and murder the guard. They have also implicated another man who the police believe might be the mastermind in the entire ordeal.

They detailed to the police how they went about carrying out the crime. According to what Guyana Daily News was told, the two used the opportunity on Saturday while at work to steal a single key from a bunch of keys which are used to access locks to the building.

After the story was closed on Saturday evening, the two returned in the evening and told the security that they forgot something on the premises and the security guard allowed them access to the building.

Once in, one focused on gaining access to the store while the other was standing speaking with the security guard. When the locks were access and the door the building opened, the one who was responsible for that leg of the crime, returned to the front of the building and lashed the security to the head with a wood while the one who was speaking with the security all along used a pen knife and slit the throat of the man.

They left him there to bleed to death while they proceeded to rob the establishment making off with more than a million in cash.

They police were called to the scene the following morning when the security guard was discocered dead and the place they robbed.

The two and others who are connected to the store were detained, but the two teens provided their confession to the police on Wednesday. The police are now looking for one other man even as the two are being processed for court.

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