PPP MP outline breaches in procurement practices by gov.

PPP MP, Bishop Juan Edghill, has noted that there is wide spread corruption at the level of the government with regards to procurement practises. Edghill outlined from the State audit report by the Auditor General in a detailed fashion, how the corruption exist in the procurement of contracts. Edghill was at the time addressing the media during a press conference at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition on Thursday.

He noted that in 22 instances, contracts were not awarded to the lowest responsive bidder, as is set out in the procurement laws of the country. He noted that no response were given as to the reason why this is so. Edghill said that in one instance, a contract for fixing a structure at Pouderoyen, 24 persons bid for the contract, the contract went to the ninth responsive bidder and not the first. He outlined another instance where 44 persons bid for a contract and that contract went to the 33rd bidder. Edghill noted that those persons who got the contract were persosn who bid closest to the engineer’s estimates as was reported by the REO.

If those bids went to the lowest responsive bidder, then the country could have saved $50 million, he said. The report as outlined by Edghill, noted that some 144 contracts were given out in that region, hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost. He further noted that this is the case throughout the country.

The MP noted that there were 71 breaches in the procurement act according to the 2016 Auditor General’s report. He cited in one instance where dietary suppliment at the Forth Canjie, New Amsterdam Hospital, $95 million were expended, however, of that sum, $25 million could not be accounted for in the goods received ledger.

He noted that members of the current government are on a desperate hustle to fill their pockets as they make their way out of office.

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