Previous Police Service Commission did not do its constitutional duties- Ramjattan

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, today accused the commissioners of the previous Police Service Commission of not doing their ‘constitutional duties”

He made the comments when asked if he felt that the non-constituted Police Service Commission could affect the moral of the senior officers who are anticipating promotions.

Ramjattan responded “that service Commission had to be replaced”

“When you look at what happened with the last police service commission which promoted people who had burnt the genitals of little boys in police station, what do you think I would think and especially when I was the lawyer for the little boy”

He further added that he was in full support of the decision of the president to halt the promotion which the commission was about to execute amidst all sort of allegations leveled against the commission and its members.

“You had to get that commission change and I think the president was totally correct as it relates to not promoting anybody as there were a number of issues and other allegations, they were obviously not doing their constitutional duties” the Security minister noted.

With the absence of the Police Service Commission, the Guyana Police Force cannot see the promotion of officers between the ranks of Sergeant and Assistant Commissioners of Police.

Ramjattan said that the commission also needs to have two other persons and then the decision would be made as to constitution of the body.

Meanwhile the wait is also on for the confirmation of David Ramnarine as the Commissioner of Police or the appointment of someone else from among the total of eight Assistant Commissioners of Police.

The officers were interviewed a few weeks ago by a government panel but that was said to be the first of a series of events to select the Commissioner of Police.

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