Public Security Ministry to be protested

In Tuesday, 15th May, 2018, a protest is being planned from 12:00-13:00hrs by civil society in front of the Ministry of Public Security, Brickdam. The purpose of the protest is to voice concerns about recent statements made by the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan on Friday, that the new Sedition Clause in the Cyber Crime Bill is for Facebook users.

During a press conference on the anniversary of the coalition assuming office, Ramjattan, who is Chairman of the AFC, said that the words in Section 18 (1) of the Bill was agreed upon by members of the Opposition in the Parliamemtary Select Committee that dealt with discussing the Bill. The Opposition has strongly denied those claims.

Ramjattan further maintained that the Sedition Clause is a good tool for government, sedition protects against persons wanting to cause civil strife in the country, he said. Sedition is part of many governments in Commonwealth, but, it was abolished in England, tv country where our Constitution was modeled.

The AFC Chairman noted that unless the people of the country wants a major overhaul of the Criminal Offences Act, then it will be ok to take the clause out of the law books, but as of now, maintaining the clause in the books is priority for the Coalition Governemnt and it is for very good reason, he said.

“This addition by use of compute,” Ramjattan said. Sedition in his current form is whereby persons can go on the ground and cause civil stess. He noted that if someone makes a comment on Facebook that seeks to cause harm, then the police cannot charge them, in then contrary, sometime back, a woman was charged by the police and brought before the courts for using threatening language to the President, those threats were made via Facebook.

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